This is a short instrumental piece. I know, all my songs are short.

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Wow…what an amazing time I had last night.  Thanks to everybody who came out for my first performance as Reigning Parade.  The house was packed and you were all outrageously supportive!  It was more than I had hoped for for my first show.

Now that I’ve gotten that first one out of the way, I’m confident that I’ll be out playing shows on a regular basis once again.  It felt amazing to get back up on the stage again.  It only took a moment for the nerves to pass and be replaced by pure enjoyment.

Look forward to more show dates in the near future and hey, join my mailing list to stay up to date!!!  You can sign up by going to my official site ReigningParade.me

Also, now that I’ve got a good chunk of finished songs to work with, I’m going to be on the look out for other musicians to collaborate with.  If you know anyone, or if you yourself are interested, please contact me :)

Noah - Reigning Parade


My new sounds:

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Wooo, Website!/Show Discount

Once I realized someone had jumped on my ideal domain (.com) in the last few months, someone producing music of all things, I decided I better grab a good alternative while I still had the chance.

So I give to you ReigningParade.me

It essentially compiles most of my things that are available throughout the internet and makes them easy to find.  It’s also easier to remember than any of my social media links.  Please share this website with anyone who may be interested :)

Once again, this is ReigningParade.ME

One final note.  Regarding the show on Feb. 19th, you can purchase tickets for $2 off the normal price if you order before Jan. 31st and use the promo code REIGNING429.  The link to those tickets is



Hey everyone, I have big news…I booked my first show in over FOUR years and my first ever event as Reigning Parade.  All necessary info is on the flier below.  You can purchase tickets at the door or online at http://www.AftonShows.com/ReigningParade

Thanks for your support and I hope to see you there!

Click below to see flier.


Another short sample of a new song. Work in progress!

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Stalling a Bit

After a few weeks of dazzling productivity, I’ve sorta hit a brick wall.  I finished writing two performable songs in a matter of a couple of days, perfected them, and can’t seem to muster up anything good anymore.  I think that I need some inspiration beyond my usual day to day anxieties that I tend to write about.  The truth is, there’s not a whole lot going on right now…so much so that I got a pair of pet rats last weekend to keep me entertained, haha.  They’re still settling in, but I bet they’d enjoy the guitar playing once they’re comfortable.  

Beyond all that, I have to wonder if I’ve stretched my solo creativity to it’s absolute limit.  Two and a half albums worth of material over three years might be pushing it.  Every time I write something, I find myself thinking “this sounds a lot like *insert song name*…ugh”.  I’m trying to stay fresh and original, but I have habits and tendencies that present themselves without any thought on my part…is that good or bad?  Some might just call that a personal style.  There are excellent musicians out there that don’t sound terribly different album to album, but I like to think that I’m evolving as an artist, not just playing the same thing in a different way.  I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Perhaps I need to stop thinking about whether songs sound like rehashed versions of older songs and just play what comes naturally.  As they say, “you can’t win if you don’t play”…of course this is generally a gambling term, but it’s an applicable idea in my case.  Will anybody even notice if I’m repeating myself or care if I do?  The answer is “probably not”.

I hope rats like a plethora of bar chords and a sweet tenor :)

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